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Double Chin Removal

Double chin treatment explained

Our experts at our Central London clinic are committed to giving you your best ever skin, helping improve tone, firmness, texture and radiance. Our double chin treatments can help target and eliminate this common pocket of fat around the face and tighten the skin to create a more defined silhouette.


A double chin can form on your face for various reasons. Often, it can be a case of weight gain, as the extra chin is simply a layer of fat. Other times, it can be a case of genetics, where double chins run in your family. And, it’s also possible that age has caused your skin to sag, which creates the impression of a double chin. When assessing the submental fat it is also important to assess the chin and jawline as a smaller mandible or chin may be part of the cause.


Treating a double chin at our Central London clinic is straightforward. We can work to balance out the face by injecting fillers in the chin and jawline, can use advanced techniques such as fat freezing, or if your double chin is caused by sagging skin, can tighten the area through procedures like UltraSculpt.

We also offer fat-dissolving injections, Belkyra (also known as Kybella in the US) to melt away and permanently reduce the pocket of fat and the double chin.

Whilst diet and exercise can help some people reduce the appearance of the double chin there are others who maintain a healthy weight and still have a disproportionate amount of fat in the double chin area. Treatments such as the UltraSculpt and Belkyra can be particularly beneficial in these cases.


Dermal fillers

Shape, sculpt, volumise and balance your features

Fat freezing

Eliminate fat cells in targeted areas for a slimmer appearance


Ultrasound waves lift and smooth while boosting collagen


Dissolve pockets of fat with targeted injections

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When it comes to getting rid of a double chin, the experts at our Central London clinic can help target a range of concerns. We’re experts at treating Black, Asian, Caucasian and mixed heritage skin with our scientifically-led treatments, creating results that enhance and empower. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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