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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag removal treatment explained

Our treatments smooth, perfect and rejuvenate the skin to achieve a healthy, radiant complexion. Providing you’ve had any skin tags cleared by a doctor, we can help remove them with a range of treatments here at our Central London clinic.


Commonly found on the neck, face, and areas such as the armpits and groin, skin tags are usually harmless – but typically unwanted – skin growths. Many are quite small, often only a few millimetres thick, but they can be up to around 5cm in size. They can hang off the skin (hence the ‘tag’ name) and are smooth and soft to the touch.


Skin tags aren’t contagious and can’t spread, however if you have them, you’re more likely to develop others in the future. Our in-clinic treatments include advanced electrolysis, which helps target imperfections with a targeted electrical current, and chemical peels, which can help resurface skin. Electrolysis can also be used on other growths and blemishes, such as moles, warts, DPN and age spots.


Chemical peels

Exfoliate skin, unblock the pores and boost skin healing

Advanced electrolysis

Target unwanted imperfections with a controlled current


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When it comes to your appearance, our skin experts at our Central London clinic can help target a range of concerns. We’re experts at treating Black, Asian, Caucasian and mixed heritage skin with our science-led treatments, creating results that enhance and empower. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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