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Thread and spider veins can appear with age and through certain lifestyle factors. They can form almost anywhere on the body, but are very common on the legs. Though they aren’t usually painful or harmful. We offer sclerotherapy at our Central London clinic to treat leg vessels 4mm and smaller.

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Spider veins appear as a cluster or network of small red and purple-coloured veins, or coloured ‘sunbursts’ under the surface of the skin, caused by dilated capillaries (blood vessels). They often run in families, and can appear during periods of hormonal change, such as pregnancy. They’re also linked to weight gain, together with factors such as a sedentary lifestyle and poor circulation. Finally, it’s thought that sun exposure may also be a risk factor.

Sclerotherapy is considered the gold standard for vessel treatment. It helps collapse the dilated capillaries, causing them to be absorbed and fade away. A handheld Doppler (ultrasound machine) is used to screen veins, before a surfactant is gently injected. This is a much more effective substance than saline, which is traditionally used in sclerotherapy and gives a comfortable, better result. Finally, laser therapy can also be used for vessels on the face or body.

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