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DPN Removal

DPN treatment explained

DPN explained

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) typically affects Latin American, African and those of African descent as well as those of mixed heritage. They appear as small, dark bumps, usually found on the face, neck, chest and back, they can grow in size and number if left unchecked, so treatment is often recommended.


There are certain characteristics to look for when determining whether you have DPN:

• Small bumps, no bigger than 5mm in size
• Typically smooth, round and flat in appearance
• Can resemble skin tags
• Can become rough-looking in time
• Can darken and ‘spread’ with time

It’s not known what causes DPN, but it is more common in darker skin and does tend to run in families. Typically, they first begin to appear during the teenage years.


DPN are benign and can be effectively treated in the clinic using laser or advanced electrolysis. Your Therapist or Doctor will assess your skin and determine which is the right treatment for you. Depending on your skin tone your skin may be pre-treated with some creams which you can get from the clinic to ensure an excellent result.


Chemical peels

Exfoliate skin, unblock the pores and boost skin healing


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This targeted laser treatment can target & treat skin imperfections

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