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Facial Volume Loss

Facial volume loss treatment explained

We’re proud to deliver medical-grade, scientifically-led treatments to our patients here in Central London. As skin experts, we can help create natural-looking results, helping you to look well-rested and reduce the appearance of loose or saggy skin using our holistic approach to treatment.

How it all happens

Facial volume loss is caused by two factors. Firstly, the production of collagen – the key protein that keeps skin supple – slows down with age, so the skin doesn’t ‘bounce back’ as easily. Secondly, the balance of fat in our bodies changes, with gains in some areas, and losses in others. This results in sagging skin, wrinkles, and hollows forming in areas such as the cheeks and temples.


Dermal fillers are a key way to combat facial volume loss, helping to plump, hydrate with hyaluronic acid, and smooth the surface of the skin at the same time. Dermal filler can be injected into areas such as the cheeks, to create a more rounded appearance; the chin, to combat sagging; the tear troughs, to counteract under eye bags; and around the mouth, helping erase lines and wrinkles, hands, nose. Our approach is to balance the face placing microdroplets if different regions to restore facial harmony giving subtle and natural results.

One of the best ways you can help your skin from the comfort of your own home is through skincare products – specifically those designed for your unique tone, texture and type, as well as those that take age into account. While they won’t restore lost volume, they can help to create a rejuvenated well hydrated appearance, with a reduction in fine lines


Dermal fillers

Shape, sculpt, volumise and balance your features

Anti-wrinkle injections

Create a lifting effect, fight wrinkles and slim areas of the face

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Make loss of facial volume a thing of the past

When it comes to your appearance, our skin experts at our Central London clinic can help target a range of concerns. We’re experts at treating Black, Asian, Caucasian and mixed heritage skin with our scientifically-led treatments, creating results that enhance and empower. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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