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Details of Our Patient Representative Board

Terms of reference:

The role of the Patient Representative is to work with the clinic team to represent the patient voice. The Patient Representative will participate in meetings and reviews with a particular emphasis on ensuring that any decisions or proposals have appropriate patient user involvement and that concerns raised are acknowledged.

Key aims:

To contribute to the commitment to ensure that clear decision making processes and governance arrangements are adhered

To put forward views and comments, based on knowledge of the patient experience with aims to ensure that Improvements to services are made that:

  • Aim for reduction in health inequalities
  • Increased quality in the services delivered
  • Improved user experience


  • Attendance at ad-hoc meetings/ availability for virtual decisions, i.e. by email related to any changes suggested to the business

Key Competencies / skills:

  • Commitment to confidentiality
  • Strong communication skills
  • Interest in the responsibilities of the service
  • Strong links into the community
  • Ability to understand the relevant service, and able to contribute to the programme of change and represent the wider patient voice
  • Confidence to challenge
  • IT skills


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