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Scarless Mole Reduction

Scarless mole reduction treatment explained

Moles are a common skin lesion or blemish that are often present at birth, or grow during childhood or adolescence. At our Central London clinic, we can help visibly reduce moles and remove them without leaving a scar, while treating any hyperpigmentation or textural skin changes they may have caused. Any skin lesion must be cleared by your doctor before treatment.


Many types of skin discolouration, such as moles, are linked to sun exposure, but genetics, hormones and other factors may play a role. You may also have freckles, age spots, patches on the skin or blemishes (hyperpigmentation), skin tags dermatosis papulose nigrans (DPN).


Some moles may be unwanted, or chafe on clothing, causing discomfort. We use advanced electrolysis to target these blemishes, ranging from age spots and scars, to moles. It targets the area with a controlled electrical current, and can be useful in treating many different types of moles (raised or flat, smooth or rough, and even hairy).

Skincare can also help with discolouration. Many products can brighten and rejuvenate skin for a clearer, more even complexion, while skin peels can aid skin healing and bring newer, smoother skin to the surface. Our goal here at our Central London clinic is to help your skin tone look balanced and even once again, and to help fade and reduce these problems for brighter, clearer skin.


Chemical peels

Exfoliate skin, unblock the pores and boost skin healing

Advanced electrolysis

Target unwanted imperfections with a controlled current


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