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Developed in the U.S. to dissolve fat pockets around the chin and neck, Belkyra (also known as Kybella) can be performed on the face and body to hone and enhance. Results include a sculpted, improved silhouette and increased definition in the jawline.

Belkyra treatment at Adonia Medical Clinic

The treatment is primarily used to target fat in the double chin. During the consultation the area is reviewed for all the causes if a double chin. Sometimes, it’s a case of weight gain. In other situations, it can be a result of ageing, where muscle tone has been lost, and a reduction in collagen production has caused the skin to slacken. Reduce bony support or a fat pocket despite weight maintenance.

At our Central London clinic, our patients undergo these fat-targeting injections to not only enhance the chin and jaw line, but to target areas of fat elsewhere on the body – with no need for surgery and minimal downtime.

The injections help melt away stubborn pockets of fat through using deoxycholic acid which breaks down the fat cells and causes the body to reabsorb it. With minimal downtown it is a great alternative to liposuction, and best results are produced alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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