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Leg Veins, Thread & Spider Veins

Leg Veins, Thread & spider vein treatment explained

Thread veins look like spidery networks of red, purple or blue veins. They’re visible all the time and can change colour if they grow larger. The majority of those with thread veins may develop varicose veins too. We specialize in treating leg veins, thread veins & spider veins at our Central London office.


Thread and spider veins are caused by enlarged vessels under the skin. They can be caused by sitting or standing for long periods of time, constipation and pregnancy. Genetics can play a role in their development.


Spider veins are usually harmless. However, they are a risk factor for varicose veins. Our experts can treat any thread and spider veins on the body through electrolysis and laser, and any veins on the legs with sclerotherapy (provided they are 4mm or thinner). Electrolysis uses a small electrical current to target the area and break down the collapsed blood vessels, while sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution, which causes the collapse of the vessel.

We recommend keeping your legs elevated when resting and enjoying an active lifestyle and healthy diet. We also recommend the use of compression stockings before and after treatment (18-21 MMHG compression hosiery).



Target spider veins and fade them away

Advanced electrolysis

Target unwanted imperfections with a controlled current

Laser for Veins

Use lasers to reduce vessels.

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