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Rosacea treatment explained

This chronic skin condition is characterised by inflammation and visible vessels in the skin. It is common in all skin types and can be underdiagnosed in darker skin types.

When visible it appears on areas of the face, such as the nose, cheeks and chin.


It’s not known exactly what causes rosacea, though it’s thought that genetics may play a part, and research has identified various triggers that can make symptoms worse. These can include factors such as diet i.e. cheese, chocolate, spicy food and alcohol, changes in temperature, stress and exercise.

When thinking about rosacea, most people picture that tell-tale, ruddy complexion. However, there are a range of other symptoms that can help identify the skin problem. These include:

• Burning & stinging sensation
• Broken blood vessels on affected areas
• Pink or red bumps, sometimes pus-filled
• Dry or orange patches of skin
• Thicker areas of the skin, such as on the nose, or localised swelling
• Sore or crusty eyelids

Because spots can feature, it’s important to establish whether you have acne or rosacea through a professional diagnosis.


At Adonia Medical Clinic, we work to optimise your skincare, balance your skin tone with laser treatments, and use antibiotics and other medical treatments to calm inflammation and treat any spots. We create a bespoke skincare plan with prescription medication to treat the skin, and can also offer treatments such as chemical peels and advanced electrolysis to calm and sooth the skin.


Laser procedures

Calm inflammation, target bacteria and boost skin healing


Get tailored suggestions for your skin

Advanced electrolysis

Target unwanted imperfections with a controlled current

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