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Introducing Adonia Medical Clinic’s breakthrough treatment: Alluzience UK, the Toxin which lasts 6 months

Adonia Medical Clinic are continuing to revolutionise their treatments with new, ground-breaking aesthetic technologies. From January 2023, Dr Ejikeme will be offering Alluzience alongside traditional Botox. Alluzience is a new-to-market wrinkle relaxing injection which lasts 6 months roughly twice as Botox, creating a new era for treatment innovation within the aesthetics industry.

Alluzience, recently launched by Galderma, is the quickest acting and longest-lasting Botox yet. With its rapid onset time from as early as one day, its effects last for up to an astounding 6 months, as opposed to standard Botox that requires re-treatment every 3 months, meaning that you could be visiting the clinic only twice a year, saving both time and money.

With our ever-increasingly busy lifestyles, Dr Ejikeme believes in choice so you can pick between traditional Botox and for those who are time poor, an alternative, which means just 2 treatments per year.

With our unmatched expertise; specialist knowledge and skills, we are one of the few clinics to be offering Alluzience in the UK.

What is Alluzience?

Alluzience is the brand-new, clinically tested liquid botulinum toxin, which delivers aesthetic effects lasting for a lengthy six months, and sometimes longer in some patients.

Working just like traditional Botox, as a local muscle relaxant, Alluzience blocks communication between the nerves and the muscle to stop the muscle’s movement, resulting in the prevention and smoothing of the lines and wrinkles on your face. However, Alluzience remarkably differs from regular Botox in the longevity of its results and in its ability for increased precision with its ready-to-use liquid formulation.

Adonia Medical Clinic will offer the treatment for:

  • Glabellar lines (frown lines)
  • Forehead lines

Key Features and Benefits of Alluzience

Longest lasting results

Unlike its previous counterpart, Alluzience lasts for up to an average of 6 months, double the time of any other toxin currently on the market, allowing clients to reduce their clinic visits and re-treatment spending.

Quick onset time

Studies showed over 50% of participants reporting an effect within only 2-3 days, and 23% reporting an effect in just 1 day, as opposed to Botox’s usual time of 2-4 days.

Procedure time and downtime are minimal

The procedure itself only takes around 10 minutes and there is no downtime, meaning you can get your treatment from Adonia Medical Clinic’s expert team and show off the results straight away.

If you find yourself with a last-minute event or trip that you need freshening up for, or you’re looking for less-frequent Botox visits to the clinic, Alluzience is the perfect solution for you. With its rapid onset time kicking in as early as one day, there is little to no downtime at all, and you’ll enjoy 6-months of lasting results.

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