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Simply The Best: Picosecond Tattoo Removal

Have you been considering tattoo removal? If you have a tattoo you regret or perhaps one that just isn’t very ‘you’ anymore, you’re not alone.

You no longer have to live with tattoos you don’t like the look of, don’t relate to or don’t care about anymore. This is all thanks to the innovative SmartPICO laser system. With this device it’s easy, quick and stress-free to have your tattoo removed. Just get in touch with our London clinic and we can remove your unwanted body art!

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Unwanted tattoos can be removed over a number of sessions using our laser systems. Energy from Picosecond laser breaks down the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream and safely passed out of the body.

There are a few different methods and various types of lasers that are utilised to remove tattoos. However, SmartPICO uses picosecond pulses, which release a huge amount of energy in a fraction of a second – this technology is considered the gold standard. This means fewer sessions are needed to remove the ink.

Multiple studies have concluded that when it comes to tattoo removal, the type of laser pulse in tattoo particles not only plays a crucial role but affirms the effectiveness of picosecond pulses for this procedure.

The Best Technology For the Job

At Adonia Medical Clinic, we offer our tattoo removal treatments using the SmartPICO laser system, one of the most flexible devices on the market that maximizes treatment efficacy. The laser tattoo removal device allows qualified technicians to perform this treatment using both picosecond and nanosecond emissions. This not only combines the most effective pulse rates but also allows for multi-step action to be taken in removing resilient tattoos.

Firstly, one of our clinicians will begin with a rough removal, removing the expulsion of the largest tattoo pigments. Then, the second step breaks the tattoo pigments down even further into tiny particles, which will be naturally removed by the body.

As this process uses both picosecond and nanosecond pulses, it means this procedure is effective in treating the most stubborn tattoos such as those that have penetrated the skin deeply. With no downtime and results after a few months, if you have been thinking about tattoo removal, this technology is the best you can get!

Get Your Tattoo Removed With Us

So why come to us for your tattoo removal? Not only do we keep up to date on the best state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal technologybut we are also pleased to have won the Best Clinic London and Best Overall Clinic in the UK at the Aesthetic Medicine Awards in 2022.

Our Founder and Medical Director Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme MD, is an internationally renowned medical consultant, advanced cosmetic doctor and skincare expert, and is only one of a handful of doctors in the UK to have undertaken the outstanding level of specialist training that she has. Expert knowledge, experience, skills and safety are of utmost importance to Dr Ejikeme and the rest of the team.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in having a tattoo removal treatment with us, call us on 020 3875 7399 or email us at info@adoniamedicalclinic.co.uk. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. We are happy to help new and existing clients from Maida Vale, Hampstead, Central London as well as surrounding areas to find what treatment will work best for you!

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or look at our website!

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