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Trapezius Botox London | Barbie Botox

Trapezius Botox also known as Trap Tox or Barbie Botox, introduces Botulinum toxin A (Botox) into the trapezius muscle. Beyond treating tension headaches and cervical dystonia, this aesthetic marvel is renowned for sculpting the upper body, providing relief from shoulder pain, and elongating the neck, enhancing a more feminine appearance.

The Benefits of Barbie Botox

  1. Pain Relief
    The primary objective of Trapezius Botox is life-changing relief from chronic shoulder and neck pain. By relaxing the trapezius muscle, this procedure promotes enhanced comfort, facilitating daily activities.
  2. Better Posture
    Experience improved posture as the relaxed trapezius muscles prevent the hunching of neck and shoulders. A subtle yet impactful enhancement achieved through Trap Tox.
  3. Swan Neck Effect
    Enjoy the cosmetic advantage of an elongated neck, offering a slender and more feminine appearance. Barbie Botox® transforms the transition from neck to shoulder with elegance.
  4. Non-Invasive Solution
    or those averse to surgical interventions, Traptox stands as a non-invasive alternative. Achieve well-defined shoulders and a lean neck without going under the knife.
  5. Non-Permanent Results
    Unlike surgical procedures, Trapezius Botox offers temporary results, allowing patients control over the continuity of treatment based on their preferences. Repeat sessions are an option, giving flexibility and choice.

Side Effects of Trap Tox (Barbie Botox)

While Trap Tox boasts numerous benefits, it is crucial to consider potential side effects:

  • Not Recommended for Neuromuscular Disorders: Individuals with a history of neuromuscular disorders face a high risk of complications and are not advised to undergo this treatment.
  • Short-term Side Effects: Temporary pain, bruising, and discomfort at the injection site may occur.
  • Potential Asymmetry: There is a risk of asymmetry, necessitating additional Botox injections, increasing treatment costs.
  • Muscle Mass and Strength: Inactivity of the muscle may lead to a potential loss of muscle mass and strength.
  • Risk of Muscle Weakness: There is a possibility of muscle weakness, making it challenging to work the muscle in the future.
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When to Expect Results and Duration

Noticeable improvement typically takes 2-4 weeks, with individual results lasting up to 4 months, contingent on various factors. Maintenance sessions are advised for sustained effects. Contact Adonia Medical Clinic office for more information on Trapezius Botox London treatments. Patients throughout Hampstead, Maida Vale, and Central London consult with us for Barbie Botox.

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